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Richard Ells – Crypto Mining, Adoption in Africa & Electroneum (ETN)

Dear crypto community and blockchain buddies across the globe…

Welcome back to the no BS blockchain channel covering bitcoin,
cryptocurrency and everything around FinTech. Episode 10 is with the Richard Ells, CEO of Electroneum, a company with a laser-sharp focus on helping the unbanked with crypto mobile payment solutions. In this episode, the CEO of Electroneum will EDUTAIN us with crystal clear explanations on Mining, Proof of Work, Adoption in Africa, digital payments and a taboo topic for some privacy coins.


00:32 A passion for bringing crypto to mobile
1:50 What the hell is mining?!!
4:20 Mining gold vs. Mining Digital assets (Proof of work)
5:23 New type of mining: mobile-mining
8:50 Currency vs. Commodity
11:21 Real use cases in Africa (unbanked, underbanked, underserved)
14:22 Digital = more control to governments
15:20 Micro remittances: sending 3 dollars through a bank
19:40 Micro-remittances could be the #1 use case
20:31 Use case #2 is privacy
22:20 #3 Removing power from central authorities
25:44 Monero is NOT a criminal blockchain
28:39 Privacy can save us from criminals!
28:55 Fiat currency or cryptocurrency, the actor IS the criminal
31:04 Recap and fun facts

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Alex Fazel – Host and Creator

Liam Turner – Director, Cinematographer & Editor

Tom Mckerrow – Producer

Loz Morgan – Camera Operator

Philip Wiseman – Graphics Artist

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